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some people like cupcakes better... i, myself, care less for them.

Posted on 2008.04.12 at 17:03
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Went to work today, for the first time in almost a week to the day since I got sent home sick. It went really well. I put up 8 corrugated steel walls and then moved and stacked 24' steel beams (to be sent back to the manufacturer because they showed up warped) in the bike lockup. All in all, a pretty rad day, though my body's a little tired and my wrist's a little sore from the cordless drill jittering all over the place while trying to drill through a couple inches of steel a million freaking times over.

kat's coming out to calgary for the summer... and i am so freaking excited. is it wrong for me to be so excited to see someone i haven't seen for almost two years now? crazy days and late night roaming through city streets and parks... i can't wait.

i think lately i haven't really been myself. i'm not even having my "one hippie moment a day" concessions anymore and i think i've allowed myself to get way too dragged down by stupid day-to-day shit. hell, i can't even write a blog post the way i used to because my focus is so all over the place. well to that i say: "NYAAAARE!"

nicole, if you read this, i love you. come over to my house one of these nights after school... (monday or tuesday'd work well... i know i have the days after (tuesday and wednesday) off from MEC this week coming up) if you're in the mood for a romantic evening of beers and stencils and stargazing on the roof of the garage.

these are days we're never going to get back. we've got to take the time we have.

sorry about the length of this because of the stencils i'm posting here, been trolling the stencil archive site for a bit here, killing time before the bookfair promo thing at memorial park. i didn't manage to remember to make torches before i headed to work today (or really get into black and red... hope green and black's ok...) so i won't be fire eating unless someone else's brought them. saw these and thought of you. hope you enjoy. (and, if you do, it's you i'm referring to.)

much love.


xsoulburnx at 2008-04-14 22:55 (UTC) (connect...)
xsoulburnx at 2008-04-14 22:55 (UTC) (connect...)
Don't actually though.
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