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summer time... and the living is easy...

Posted on 2008.03.12 at 15:40
hey folks. just figured i'd let ya'all know that, after my screening, i'm going to be looking for employment again for a short period to save up some cash before Rodeo and i hit the road in May. i got the date for my hysto set for August 8 and, after April 1 maybe i'll know a little more about the potential of getting my chest surgery any time soon (by which i mean, if they've found a surgeon who'll do it yet) or if the fundraising is going to have to power ahead full steam. my thought at the moment is to start it up, and then, if it does turn out to be funded, i can send along the funds i don't need for recovery to a trans health trust if i can find one that's been going for a while out of province. fingers crossed and all that jazz.

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